Welcome to “ON THE RIDGE”.

I’m Tamaki Kasuya and the author of this blog.

Japan has a lot of beautiful scenery of the nature and wilderness. Especially, mountains. I often go to hiking with my friends. Walking on the ridge, spending the night at the lodge, Cooking a lunch in the forest. Everything is awesome and amazing.

I wanted to record my hiking and share these stories. So I started this blog and I’m going to write not only my record, but how to hike in Japan.

If you have an interest about a hiking and Japan. Please give me a comment. Thank you.

29 September 2018

Tamaki Kasuya

The challenge of “100 Famous Japanese Mountains”

I decided to do the challenge that is the climbing “100 Famous Japanese Mountains”. Almost 50 years ago, the author Kyuya Fukada (深田久弥) published the book “100 Famous Japanese Mountains (日本百名山)”. In this book, there were 100 great mountains that he loved and it became the dreams for hikers.

On my blog, I wrote about this book and mountains. I will use it as an index of my hiking story when I climb these 100 mountains.

“100 Famous Japanese Mountains”


My history of the hiking:

Below images show the name and place of the mountain where I’ve walked past.