Mount Tsukuba – Most cultural mountain in Japan –


Highest, the symbolic and famous mountain is Mount Fuji. However, this Mount Tsukuba is most cultural mountain in Japan.

“There is Mount Fuji in the west and there is Mount Tsukuba in the east”. From ancient time, people who lived in Kanto region have been saying. We cannot see this mountain from Tokyo, because of many skyscrapers. However, almost 200 years ago, in Edo period, people could see this mountain from the center of Edo. And it was second famous symbol for Edo people.

Mount Tsukuba is not high. But this beloved mountain become the next destination for us to know why this mountain is so famous.

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South Takao Ridge with Great Old Man


Mount Takao (高尾山) is the one of the most famous mountain in Japan. Because this mountain is very close to Shinjuku and has only 599 m elevation, so it is a good choice for people who want to start the hiking. Of course, for an elderly people too.

24 February. Kari, Tamaki, Kari’s former teacher Mr. Chujo and Shiho Suzuki went to go hiking.

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Goodbye winter, hello spring!


It was still cold, but we went to hiking to find spring.

My girlfriend “Kari” and I went to “Rokkoku-Kenzan (六国剣山)” near Kamakura (鎌倉). This is a hill rather than a mountain. The elevation is very low and it is just 147 m.

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The memory of WWII – Mount Miura Fuji –


Hi everyone! A happy new year! This is Tamaki.

Thank you for reading last year. I could go to the mountain only twice last year because I was very very busy! But this year, I’ll go to the mountain many times and write it on this blog! And… this is my first post of in this year!

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