Miyake island – The island that have life and death – Part 2

This is the “Part 2” of the story about Miyake island.

Previous story is here. “Miyake island – The island that have life and death – Part 1

We visited Miyake island to take videos with my friends. The previous day was not good because it was raining. Next day, we could see shiny sunlight and beautiful nature of this island.

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Miyake island – The island that have life and death – Part 1


Miyake island (三宅島) is the part of Tokyo. However, it is a little bit difficult to visit because it takes almost 6 hours on a ship to visit. I was invited about this trip from Ms Kinoshita, who is my friend and have great experience as producer/director in the TV industry. She said this island has two sides. It’s a life and death.

22 March. Four of us decided to ride the ship and go to this mysterious island.

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CP+ 2019 – Camera and Photo Imaging Show 2019 –

CP+ 2019_01

Checking the information about the new camera is important for me. There are various cameras and accessories in this world, but I always consider what is the best because I want to take a photo and video like a professional photo/video-grapher.

I went to CP+ 2019. It was the one of the biggest expo for camera.

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Bohemian Rhapsody

I went to see this movie yesterday. It was most exciting, exotic and powerful movie I have ever seen before.

This one of the most amazing band “Queen” was formed in 1970 you know. Then the legendary vocalist Freddie Mercury passed away in 1991. It’s 1991. I was born in 1984 and too young to buy their music. What a misfortune, what a tragedy. I already existed when Freddie was still alive, but I couldn’t share the feeling with the people who went a live concert and watched TV because I was a baby!

For me, the first meeting of the Queen’s music was the album “Greatest Hits” that my big brother bought. I guess, I was 10 – 15 years old and it was really cool. I really loved it.

At that time, there was the comic named “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険)“. It was very famous and popular comic for boys. This book had a unique rule. The author used the name a famous band and music as a character name in this book (For example, Aerosmith,  King Crimson, Spice Girls, etc…). Of course, there was the name of “Killer Queen”. This character was the bad guy, but so cool like real “Queen”.

Now I watched “Bohemian Rhapsody” as an adult and recognized again how “Queen” was a really wonderful band. They are literally legend.

If you still don’t watch this movie. You must get perfect seat ticket of a theater.


Thank you for reading! Now I’m writing the new episode of “On The Ridge”! See you soon!