The Red Castle Above Clouds – Part 2


Previous story is here. “The Red Castle Above Clouds – Part 1”

We were in the cloud so we couldn’t see anything. I wanted to see the beautiful scenery of the mountain. I knew it was there because I saw pictures about this mountain before going to hike. There were two unique peaks. Mount Amida and Mount Aka. And there was narrow trail such as knife edges between these two peaks. It was really wonderful. I could see the 360 degrees panorama of this ridge in pictures. Even Mount Fuji could see.

I wanted to see the top of the mountain.

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The Red Castle Above Clouds – Part 1


Mount Aka (赤岳) is the highest mountain in Yatsugatake (八ヶ岳). “Aka” means “Red” in Japan. It has 2,899 m elevation and there is no tree around the summit. The only rocky world is there. A strong wind always blows on the ridge. There is really high, so some people may get altitude sickness. This place is completely wilderness. There is no need to use the rope and a hammer to climb this mountain.  However, only people who train own self and have the experience of hiking can go up this mountain.

This September, My friend and I tried to climb this red mountain, this red castle.

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